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Zombie Outbreak

Event Date: 3-25-2003
Event Description: Timeline name: Zombie Outbreak People in America, Canada, the UK, Mainland Europe, Asia, Russia, Australia and New Zeland Report to local doctors over a minor but irritating cold.

Event Date: 3-26-2003
Event Description: An average 15% of the population of various contries call sick into work suffering from a flu like virus. Countless more carry on with thier daily rountines beliveing that they're health will improve as the day goes on.

Event Date: 3-27-2003
Event Description: At 0200 GMT an American satelite fails orbit and returns into the atmosphere over Scotland breaking up over Southern England. Hospitals are slowly inundated by people reporting to feel ill with the flu, they are checked over by docors who report no susspicious infection and perscribe mediaction and rest. Later in the day police begin recieving reports of gangs attacking people across most major cities world wide, the police are stretched due to a high number of car crashes and accidents being caused by people collapsing at the wheel or in some cases dying from heart attacks or brain anurisms. The FBI suspect that the illnesses might be part of a terrorist plot, all goverment agencies world wide are informed and put on high alert. At 2300 GMT British and Europian police begin recieving repots of attacks on people were the the person is mobbed and bitten or in some cases ripped apart. Emergency sevices attempt to cope but are unable to.

Event Date: 3-28-2003
Event Description: News agencies in Britain, the USA, Canada and Europe have been recieving reports that huge mobs of indeviduals are walking around in trance like state attacking, killing and even eating people alive. As the day wears on Asia, Russia, Australia and parts of Southern America report the same. Scientist are refering the creatures as "zombies", studies show that the attackers are the recently dead corpses of those who passed on from the mysterious Flu. Those bitten by a zombie become infected and can take anywhere from 1-10 hours to become a zombie depending on the severity of the wound. The military is called in to protect government agenies from zombie attack. Survivers begin holding up in various locations or trying to get to a secure spot, most die trying. As the day wears on Briain and Eurpope agree to use subamrines to destroy the Euro tunnel in a bid to stop any Zombies gettin through. The British Gonvernment turn off the national grid as they feel various stimulous (lights and sounds) are attracting zombies to survivours it is later turned back on. In the US and Canada many millions more survive the invasion due to fire arms being readly available. Military Bioharzard groups across the globe begin neutralizing the zombie menace.

Event Date: 3-29-2003
Event Description: The zombie outbreak is mostly contained in larger cities in the larger contries and are proving difficult to exterminate or capture. The UK, Japan and New Zeland as well as many other smaller countries report great success in destroying the Zombies and have got them down to a hand full remaining.

Event Date: 9-19-2003
Event Description: The world remembers the Zombie Apocalypse that took over 3.7 Billion Lives world wide. Many of the captured Zombies have been domesticated or retrained to do simple tasks.

Note: If you reached this page via a search engine, please be aware that this is an Alternate History site - None of the above history actually happened. See the home page for a full explanation