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August 2006

We are working on clearing out the backlog of submitted timelines and events.

July 2006

The new message boards are up and running.

July 17, 2004

296 new timelines in the last 5 months

Contributor Fiction

April 29, 2004

You can now view the 20 latest events added to the site at all times. This page also provide information on the backlog of events waiting to be posted.

You can also pick any year and see what timelines began or ended in that year. Search by Year

February 28, 2004

It's been quite awhile since the last What's New. Here is the list of the 118 new timelines since January 18. NOTE: I messed up the new timeline page, so if you looked at it between Saturday the 28th and 7 pm Eastern Standard (U.S.) time on the 29th, you saw the timelines posted out of date sequence. This has been fixed.

January 26, 2004

Contributers: Would you like your timelines featured on the home page and credited to you? Contact me with a list of events you'd like to see posted. Once they're up, you can replace them with others by notifying me.

January 17, 2004

Added 8 new timelines to the previous list of new timelines . Changed the look of the home page. It's now very little text and lots of sample links. Also, in order to get pages to load more quickly, any page called from the calendar will now only bring up the timelines which start on that date. There is a link to show the entire page with all the timelines which had continuing events on that date.

January 11, 2004

30 new timelines including the controversial US invades Canada timeline. Plus, an interesting twist on the Capone found innocent timeline - Snarky Enterprises!!

December 21, 2003

56 new timelines Plus - vote for the biggest U.S. alternate news story of 2003. Nominate entries for the international news poll

November 23, 2003

30 new timelines, and a greatly improved message board, thanks to David Perritt.

New Message Board
The new message board will allow you to discuss any of the current timelines under the forum called Specific Timeline Discussions. You can discuss any manner of topic in the general discussion forum. Other forums may be added.

I encourage you to create a login name. This will allow us to establish a community. However, creating a login name is not required.

Benefits of logging in:

  • Tracking post count
  • Private Messages between users
  • Eliminate users posing as another user
  • Message board privileges could be granted to users

Please contact me with any problems you encounter.

The Specific Timeline Discussion Forum has a thread tied to every timeline in the database. The most recently discussed thread will float to the top. This way you will be able to see which timelines are being discussed. The discuss timeline link located in every timeline brings you to this forum.

This message board includes a comprehesive search function which allows you to search for data throughout all the threads.

The discuss timelines link on the left hand side of every page leads to the specific timeline forum. The message board link at the top of each page links to the general discussion message board. Enjoy.

November 2, 2003

23 new timelines. Thanks to Mike Wilson for the logo on the home page

October 15, 2003

The first Cubs fan grabs foul ball event has been submitted.
The first timeline map has been submitted on timeline 804.

October 13, 2003

As promised, the search engine has been greatly improved. It now allows multiple words to be searched and is no longer case sensitive. More improvements are still planned. Thanks to David.

5 new timelines have been added to the October 11 page.

October 11, 2003

Seventeen new timelines, and as always, many explorations. I don't usually list the explorations, but one (timeline 231) seems so controversial that I think people might enjoy arguing about it. Please keep your arguments in the discussion board. If you argue by submitting events that change the timeline, I'll need to make a divergence.

Coming in the next week - a much improved search engine!

September 28, 2003 - I'm back from my trip. Thanks to Hurricane Isabel I didn't get to Shenandoah National Park. It was closed!. Ended up further south in Virginia. 25 new timelines in this update.

A note: Several timelines have for some reason lost many of their entries or are not sorting correctly by date. If you notice this please let me know the timeline number. Thanks.

Click Here for the September 28 List of New Timelines

September 19, 2003 - I know an update is way overdue but I'm not going to get to do one until the beginning of October. As a matter of fact, nothing on the website will be updated between today and September 29 at the earliest. I'm going to be hiking the Appalachian trail in Shenandoah National Park and vicinity for a week or so. Once I'm back, I'll do an update and start making some long promised improvements like getting the submitter's credit back into the timelines.

Feel free to continue submitting events. I'll eventually get them posted.

Click Here for the September 2 List of New Timelines

Click Here for the August 30 List of New Timelines

August 17, 2003

I have a couple of technical issues and several new timelines.

I occasionally have a question or historical problem with timelines that are submitted and can't post them until I've worked it out. If the submitter has given me an email address, I contact them. If not, they usually end up sitting around and never get posted. I am going to post a page describing the timelines I'm stuck on, hoping the submitter will see it and contact me.

I'm going to make a policy that if a timeline is explored and the exploration seems to be going against the spirit of the original contributor, I will make a divergence for these explorations. What has been occurring lately is that a submitter with political leanings to the left or right will submit a timeline, but someone of the opposite side will explore the timeline making the other side "win". For example, (this has not been submitted) Person A may submit that Gray Davis wins the recall election. Person B ( a Davis hater) then submits an event saying "but upon recounting the votes it's found that Davis committed vote fraud and actually lost". That exploration will now become a divergence timeline of it's own so that Person A may explore what happens after Davis's win, while Person B can explore the results of the vote fraud. If you want to discuss or argue, use the "discuss this timeline" link on each timeline. See timeline 275 for an excellent example of a discussion.

Click Here for the August 17 List of New Timelines

August 11, 2003

Click Here for the August 11 List of New Timelines

July 30, 2003

Click Here for the July 30 List of New Timelines

July 16, 2003 - Sorry, but once again I only have time to put up a list of the new items. I'll put up a big list of explorations as soon as I can

Click Here for the July 16 List of New Timelines

July 8, 2003 - I only have time to put up a list of the 15 new items. Dozens of other timelines have been explored. I hope to add them to the list by Friday. This process should be automated in the next few weeks. One big improvement - I have removed the annoying pop-up ads from the submit page.

Click Here for the July 8 List of New Timelines

June 30 - 9 new items and 50 explorations, plus quite a conversation going on timeline 275.

Click Here for the June 30 List of New and Updated Timelines

June 22 -There are 24 new timelines and 55 explorations since June 16.  My plans to get the credits for submitters up on the timeline directory page are still just that - plans.

.Click Here for the June 22 List of New and Updated Timelines

June 15 -There are 16 new timelines and 32 explorations since June 11. I haven't had time to get the credits for submitters up on the timeline directory page yet, but will get to it as soon as I can

.Click Here for the June 15 List of New and Updated Timelines

June 11- 8 new and 13 more explored timelines added since the June 8 update... see below


All of the timelines have been moved to a database. Thanks very much to David Perritt for redesigning the entire site, and allowing me to post it before he was anywhere near satisfied that he had all the bugs out. Any errors you find are mine because I was in such a hurry to get this done. Please report any problem you see to me. We'll be continually looking for ways to improve the sight. Also please let me know if anything has become confusing or even missing.

These changes will allow several new features.

  • When following a timeline from event to event, the timeline you are following will be highlighted in red. This will make it easy to find your timeline on some of the more crowded pages.
  • Clicking on the timeline number will produce a page with the entire timeline in chronological order. Clicking on a date from the page will take you back to that date's page.
  • Exploring a timeline will be done from the timeline by clicking on "Add an Event". New timelines will still be submitted from "Submit Your Ideas"
  • For new timelines, there is a new submit form which will allow you to submit many events at one time rather than submitting each event of a timeline individually.
  • Each timeline has a discussion forum called "discuss this timeline". Please feel free to make any comment from a one word exclamation to a 10 paragraph discussion.
  • There is a new search engine. This is a preliminary version and we hope to improve it.
  • The timeline directory is alphabetical. Incidentally, almost all of the timeline numbers have changed. Submission credits will now be posted only on this page, not on the dates pages because they were getting too crowded. The credits are currently not on any page, but I hope to get them completed this week.
  • The site will now be updated on a much more frequent basis. Because it is now database driven, I no longer have to hard code your suggestions into static html pages. I will simply look at your submissions, make any change I feel are needed and hit an approve button. I'll be able to do this at any time. So, I'll be updating the site all week, and putting out a new What's New Page about once a week to let you know what has been added. The only thing I lose in this process is my access to a spellchecker.

As promised, I have added all of your submissions which were pending when I stopped updating in order to do the switchover. I have received a few more submissions since that date and will get them posted as quickly as I can.

The new items are:

Message Board
is in use. Be sure to check out comments when you see "1 (or more) entry so far" or start a discussion of you own.